A breakthrough in salmon farming

New ways of farming salmon are on the way and at GRAINTEC we are happy to be part of yet another groundbreaking project. With growing focus on sustainability and fish welfare, the newest project by the Norwegian Ocean Farming AS will bring salmon farming offshore.

The project has been on the way for a long time, as feasibility studies started back in 2012 and various technical solutions have been assessed. The outcome of the extensive studies has resulted in an offshore farming installation that, as the first in the world, combines marine biology, marine cybernetics and marine engineering with newest data technology. The facility is highly technological and supported by underwater sensors and other backing systems, taking the monitoring of the feed process to another level.

GRAINTEC’s contribution to the project lies in the equipment and systems for the distribution and receiving of fish feed on the facility. Having a slack-anchored, semi-submersible facility floating on the water poses new challenges to fish farming technologies. “It has been an exciting challenge to combine the perfect technology within the limited space we have on the facility, while keeping performance, weight and little energy consumption into consideration”, says Martin Olde Heuvel, Project Manager from Graintec. All operations for handling the fish can be performed directly on board by a crew of three to four people.

Salmar-logoAs a subsidiary of the Salmar Group, Ocean Farming AS has been established for developing offshore salmon farming possibilities. To help fund the concept

development phase, Ocean Farming AS received grants from Innovation Norway. Production start for the offshore facility is scheduled for mid/end 2017.

The use of inshore farming facilities is limited and there is a need for new approaches. By placing facilities offshore, farms are less exposed to tidal currents and the currents are more constant. Also, the fish are less exposed to possible illnesses. It is expected that offshore farming will grow constantly over the next decades.

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