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How dryer airflow automation can increase energy efficiency

In the production of extruded feed, hot air drying accounts for almost 50 % of the total energy consumption. Naturally, our customers in the industry have incentive to improve fossil fuel efficiency to convert gas savings directly to bottom line earnings and a reduction of carbon footprint. However, opportunities to reduce gas consumption in the […]

Press Release

As per November 28, 2016, GRAINTEC has released Managing Director Niels Pedersen from his position at Graintec A/S and the subsidiaries in Chile, China and USA. A new managing director is expected to take office during the first half of 2017. Until then the job as managing director will be handled jointly by Manager for […]

Organizational Change

GRAINTEC has of today released Managing Director Niels Pedersen from his duties at GRAINTEC. A new Managing Director will be appointed during first half of 2017. Until then, the duties of the Managing Director are handled by Manager of Technology and Business Development, Benny Simonsen and Chief Financial Officer, Kasper Holm jointly. The change of Managing […]

The importance of a trustful partner in business

Having 30 years of experience in a niche market, GRAINTEC is used to handling complex projects where confidentiality is essential. We have implemented confidentiality in our working procedures, business values and employment contracts with all staff. One of our business values is confidentiality. Entering non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality agreements are standard procedures for GRAINTEC projects.  We […]

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The leaflet includes information about: Cross contamination Clean zones Construction details Salmonella The sanitary design of production facilities is important in order to ensure safety. Especially in pet food production, demands are high with regard to strict hygiene regulations and food processing standards. Hygienic design of machinery and a factory layout that enhances good hygiene are […]