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More than a standard EPC company

GRAINTEC’s American office is located in Kansas City, right in the middle of the animal health corridor. This region represents the world’s largest concentration of animal health companies, where pet food production is a major business. The focus on pet food manufacture and research within the area of animal health is a major reason for […]

Pet Food Production: 50-70 % Water Recovery Using Hybrid Technology

At this year’s Petfood Forum in Kansas City, GRAINTEC presents a new hybrid technology: EWOTEC. A solution showing considerably reduction of the Energy consumption, Water use and Odor emission for the extruded feed and food production The EWOTEC solution is a hybrid technology that combines energy and water recovery, and at the same time ensures […]

Graintec, Inc. is pleased to announce…

Graintec, Inc. is pleased to announce that we are expanding our Engineering and Project Management capability with the addition of a new Project Engineer, Mr. Nick Lowery. Graintec, Inc. is centrally located in Kansas City and was launched in 2010. We are an expanding business with focus on North America. We design, engineer, supply and […]

International Seminar at EWOS Chile, November 2015.

During the week 46, GRAINTEC conducted an International Seminar, which took place at the EWOS facilities in Coronel, Chile. About thirty-five attended the event, which included operators, maintainers, supervisors and managers. The program included presentations by SCANVIBRO, REYNOLDS, GEELEN, FJORDVEJS, EXTRUTECH and also byDr. Georg Szikszay, who is a specialist in Danse Phase systems. Each made an excellent presentation about their area of expertise explaining how to use the different machines, maintenance, operation, good practices, cleaning and improvementson site.  All exhibitors made inspection in the processing lines of the factory and they also had a roundtable with the operationaland maintenance managers and GRAINTEC to discuss new technology development, suggestions and recommendations. The seminar was a great success. Knowledge was absorbed and potential future businesses were achieved. Participants and exhibitors found the organization of the seminar very good, and we would like to thank them all for their valuable contribution to the seminar. Learn more about seminars and training […]

Ever seen the inside of Hill’s Pet Nutrition Inc.’s plant in Emporia, Kansas?

Have you ever seen the inside of Hill’s Pet Nutrition Inc.’s plant in Emporia, Kansas? “Here we make both Science Diet® and Prescription Diet® Pet foods – in and environment designed and build with people, performance and planet in mind”  The Emporia plant was a green field project that opened in 2010, and GRAINTEC was responsible for the […]

Environmental-friendly solutions to enhance quality and profit in the Aquafeed industry

Within in the next five years, the annual production of aqua feed is expected to make a considerable increase from todays 50 million tonnes to no less than 70 million tonnes per year in 2020. The industry is experiencing a rapid growth in order to meet the rising demand for marine protein. However, a significant […]

Europe’s first factory to convert…

Europe’s first factory to convert sewage sludge into environmentally friendly fertilizer opened April 30, 2015 in Rogaland, Norway. As the supplier of machines and installation contactor of the process equipment and control system, GRAINTEC was present at the grand opening along with the Norwegian Minister for Climate and Environment and other guests.  IVAR IKS is […]