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Refurbishing or replacing major equipment – High vs. Low risk

You have been operating a pet food production line for many years. The on-going expenses is increasing every year. Down time losses and product quality is becoming an issue. Being In charge of production or maintenance, you recognize the need to refurbishing or replacing major equipment like extruders and dryers. You have identified the high risk involved […]

Bulk logistic and gentle handling of salmon feed

In recent years various ways of a more rational and gentle transport of especially salmon feed have been requested by fish feed manufactures and fish farms. Because of this, Graintec has over the last 10-12 years supplied bulk handling systems for new or rebuilt boats and onshore bulk handling and silo installations, which can bring […]

Strengthening our knowledge

At GRAINTEC we are always working on keeping our knowledge up to date.  Lately, a group of employees participated in an internal course in steam and condensate systems lead by external consultants. 25 of our employees having contact with steam and condensate systems in their daily work participated in the morning session, which gave a […]