Bulk logistic and gentle handling of salmon feed

In recent years various ways of a more rational and gentle transport of especially salmon feed have been requested by fish feed manufactures and fish farms.

Because of this, Graintec has over the last 10-12 years supplied bulk handling systems for new or rebuilt boats and onshore bulk handling and silo installations, which can bring the fish feed as a bulk product directly to the fish feed barge.

The pellets are stored directly into onshore bulk silos and from the silos the feed pellets are transported directly and gentle into the feed bulk boat and shipped to the feed barge from where it is finally fed to the fish.

Once the logistic chain is set, the advantages of this solution are a more efficient handling of the feed with less need of manpower, profitable transportation time and no packaging costs. Finally yet importantly, the environment benefits of the gentle handling without pellet waste and packaging handling gives an improved green footprint solution.


Fig. The Logistic Salmon Feed Delivery Chain


Presently it is estimated that more than 35% of all salmon feed in Norway is handled as bulk products but this percentage will most probably grow further in the coming years. GRAINTEC will continue to stay in from with smart solutions for gentle handling and storing of bulk fish feed.