Feeding System HyFlow™

Landbased fish farming

Our water based feeding system HyFlow™ gives efficient and gentle feed handling

There is a strong relation between pellet loss and pressure in transport lines. More specifically: the pressure in the line after the ejector.

HyFlow is designed for low pressure in the transportation line, ensuring a low velocity and avoiding/minimising any hydraulic pressure head while keeping the ejector at water surface level.

Design focus:

The residence time which is proportional to the length of the transport pipe has been limited to not influence pellet loss.

> Minimal pellet breakage/optimum fin formation
> Accurate feeding (gravimetric)
> Surface and submerged feeding
> Multiple feeding points
> Low energy costs
> Hygienic
> Full Traceability

Our complete RAS plants are designed based on your requirement and and for highest fish welfare

All the way through the feed supply chain from the feed factory to the farm, efficient delivery of the feed with minimum waste must be guaranteed.

All our service and upgrade offerings are developed to provide seamless and optimised fish production.

We have developed and implemented a comprehensive Best Practice Project Execution model.

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