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Gentle aqua feed handling for offshore farming

GRAINTEC has vast knowledge in designing both mechanical and hydraulic systems for gentle handling and distribution of aqua feed pellets. Graintec is currently designing a hydraulic salmon feed handling and distribution solution to Pelaqua AS for their innovative off-shore salmon farm concept – WaveFlex.

Using hydraulic conveying of aqua feed pellets, being it for off-shore or land-based fish farms, are the gentlest form of aqua feed handling and significantly reduces the feed losses seen in more typical mechanical and pneumatic feed handling systems.  In addition, it reduces energy consumption and maintenance issues related to cleaning of pneumatic blowing pipes, airlocks and feed distributors. If you want to learn more about our feed handling solutions please contact us at

Link: Read more about Pelaquas WaveFlex concept in the article (text in Norwegian)

New Majority Owner in Graintec A/S

As per Tuesday, the 1st May 2018, Henrik Hougaard has acquired 47.5% of the shares in Graintec A/S from a number of minority shareholders and thereby controls 90% of the company through the family’s investment company Thoraso A/S. The remaining shares are owned partly by the management and partly by the company itself.


In 2017 Graintec A/S had a turnover of DKK 275m. As a direct result of many years’ successful development, the company has grown to be among the leading suppliers of solutions and services for production of extruded feed for the aqua feed and pet food industries. In recent years, however, Graintec has experienced a period with challenges and fluctuating results. The first step in the turnaround was made in 2017 with the employment of Michael Mortensen as new CEO and the preparation of a strategic plan up until 2021.


Through this investment, the strategic and financial foundation to develop Graintec and accelerate growth in the future has been further strengthened. The new majority owner has in the past shown his ability and willingness to lift a Danish company into being a global leader. In November 2017, Henrik Hougaard sold SKIOLD A/S to the investment company Solix. SKIOLD A/S was owned by the Hougaard family for three generations, and has a turnover of approx. DKK 600m. SKIOLD A/S is a leading supplier of equipment and systems for feed plants, piggeries and seed cleaning.


The future growth of Graintec will be achieved through a clear strategic focus that will further enhance Graintec’s existing capabilities in supplying complete turnkey feed factories, as well as through the development of new solutions to new customers in new markets. In the future, both organic possibilities and the potential of strengthening Graintec through acquisition will be considered.


The day-to-day management with Michael Mortensen as CEO and Kasper Holm as CFO will continue unchanged.


Henrik Hougaard
Chairman of the board
Contact no: +45 4053 6248
Michael Mortensen
Contact no: +45 2428 9909

New extrusion feed plant down under

March 15, 2018. Ridley Corporation has named GRAINTEC A/S their design and technology partner for its new extrusion feed plant in Westbury, Tasmania. The new state-of-the art facility will add to Ridley´s position as Australia’s leading producer of animal feed.

The new state of the art, purpose built plant, will have on-site bulk storage and warehouses for both raw materials and finished goods. The extrusion based feed plant will manufacture and supply feed primarily to the salmon industry, as well as other aquaculture species in Australia and in New Zealand.

GRAINTEC have worked closely with Ridley´s team developing the conceptual design of the plant. Under the newly signed agreement GRAINTEC will be the principal technology and an equipment supplier for the project and will supervise the installation and startup of the facility.

It was crucial for Ridley to choose a sustainable solution with low utility consumption, minimum pellet breakage and dust creation and it had to be based on well-proven solutions.

Ridley´s Project Manager, elaborates; “It was, of course, important to choose a supplier with expertise in extruded aqua feed and the right competitive solution. GRAINTEC have more than 30 years of experience designing and constructing high performance extruded aqua feed facilities around the world. What we needed was a world class aqua feed facility. GRAINTEC´s extensive experience and know-how in this field was a decisive factor. In addition, we wanted a design with minimum impact on the environment a so-called green footprint, and GRAINTEC´s solutions were the answer to this demand.”

Michael Mortensen, CEO of GRAINTEC continues; “We are very pleased to work with Ridley on this important project. Ridley´s commitment to build a facility that will meet the highest quality standards have made it an exciting challenge for GRAINTEC to design the project and to assist Ridley in developing what will become a truly world class facility”.

Construction of the feed plant is due to be completed in 2019.

Press Release

How dryer airflow automation can increase energy efficiency

In the production of extruded feed, hot air drying accounts for almost 50 % of the total energy consumption. Naturally, our customers in the industry have incentive to improve fossil fuel efficiency to convert gas savings directly to bottom line earnings and a reduction of carbon footprint.

However, opportunities to reduce gas consumption in the dryers are often overlooked due to anxiety of compromising process- and product integrity. Many modern pet food facilities have dampers, valves, etc. that are locked in fixed positions, arising from an initial equipment run-in phase. If gas savings are to be realized across all products and production lines, active- and online adjustments of process airflow is needed. This is to react towards shifting production conditions and -volume flow as well as product size, composition and recipe.

GRAINTEC’s new dryer airflow automation makes use of information retrieved from sensors placed in air ducts, to judiciously adjust air flow control measures to appropriate positions. This allows dryers to react on relevant processing conditions. “Recent studies have demonstrated that by implementing dryer airflow automation in extruded pet food production, annual gas savings of 3 – 10 % can be realized, depending on processing conditions”, says Anders Haubjerg, Sr. Process Engineer in the Business and Technology Development at Graintec A/S. And he continues; “That is often around a year in payback time, so we do encourage our customers to contact us to hear more – this is a real opportunity to pick the low hanging fruits”.

Press Release

As per November 28, 2016, GRAINTEC has released Managing Director Niels Pedersen from his position at Graintec A/S and the subsidiaries in Chile, China and USA. A new managing director is expected to take office during the first half of 2017. Until then the job as managing director will be handled jointly by Manager for Technology & Business Development, Benny Simonsen, and Chief Financial Manager, Kasper Holm.

Niels Pedersen has during 11 years transformed GRAINTEC to a global and world leading supplier of solutions for the international fish feed and pet food industry. GRAINTEC’s organization as well as business systems have been built up to meet the key customers’ many-sided needs and expectations. During these years, the company has completed significant consultancy and project supplies. As a result, GRAINTEC is today seen as a global company with established companies in four continents.

The management changes will not influence the fundamental values, mission and vision which form the basis for GRAINTEC’s activities, both in relation to GRAINTEC’s customers and internal parties. GRAINTEC’s organization will, however, be adjusted to meet requirements and expectations of the future. GRAINTEC will continue striving to be the preferred supplier of consultancy and supply projects for the international fish feed and pet food industry. GRAINTEC looks forward to continuing the cooperation with the company’s customers, suppliers and business partners.


For further information:

Chairman of the Board

Henrik Hougaard



Phone:                 +45 40 53 62 48




Organizational Change

GRAINTEC has of today released Managing Director Niels Pedersen from his duties at GRAINTEC. A new Managing Director will be appointed during first half of 2017. Until then, the duties of the Managing Director are handled by Manager of Technology and Business Development, Benny Simonsen and Chief Financial Officer, Kasper Holm jointly.

The change of Managing Director will not affect our work or philosophy, and we continue to strive for being the preferred supplier of aqua and pet food processing lines. Graintec looks forward to continuing our cooperation in the future.

Contact details:

Benny Simonsen:                        Mobile: +45 40 58 40 82

Kasper Holm:                          Mobile: +45 21 55 18 20





Top modern shrimp feed facility in Ecuador

A new joint venture investment makes the construction of a greenfield project for a state-of-the-art shrimp feed facility reality. The new facility is located near the city of Guayaquil and has capacity to annually produce around 130,000 tons of high quality shrimp feed for supplying the local market.

cargill_A GRAINTEC project team in cooperation with a Cargill project team have worked out the complete technical design of the factory. Both staff from GRAINTEC’s headquarters in Denmark and from the office in Chile have been part of this project.

The joint venture between Cargill and Naturisa creates new opportunities and makes the aquaculture industry in Ecuador increasingly dynamic. The state-of-the-art facility incorporates newest technology and sets high quality standards.

“The challenge with shrimp food is the right density of the food in order to ensure that the feed keeps its quality when floating”, says Cristian Toscano, Graintec´s Area Sales Manager for Latin America. “The production process requires the right pelletizers and extruding technology in order to receive the best feed conversion rate.” In addition to having the industry’s most modern technology, the Ecuadorian facility will be earthquake secured and constructed with the highest local safety requirements.

 We expect commercial production of the new facility to start before summer 2018.





A breakthrough in salmon farming

New ways of farming salmon are on the way and at GRAINTEC we are happy to be part of yet another groundbreaking project. With growing focus on sustainability and fish welfare, the newest project by the Norwegian Ocean Farming AS will bring salmon farming offshore.

The project has been on the way for a long time, as feasibility studies started back in 2012 and various technical solutions have been assessed. The outcome of the extensive studies has resulted in an offshore farming installation that, as the first in the world, combines marine biology, marine cybernetics and marine engineering with newest data technology. The facility is highly technological and supported by underwater sensors and other backing systems, taking the monitoring of the feed process to another level.

GRAINTEC’s contribution to the project lies in the equipment and systems for the distribution and receiving of fish feed on the facility. Having a slack-anchored, semi-submersible facility floating on the water poses new challenges to fish farming technologies. “It has been an exciting challenge to combine the perfect technology within the limited space we have on the facility, while keeping performance, weight and little energy consumption into consideration”, says Martin Olde Heuvel, Project Manager from Graintec. All operations for handling the fish can be performed directly on board by a crew of three to four people.

Salmar-logoAs a subsidiary of the Salmar Group, Ocean Farming AS has been established for developing offshore salmon farming possibilities. To help fund the concept

development phase, Ocean Farming AS received grants from Innovation Norway. Production start for the offshore facility is scheduled for mid/end 2017.

The use of inshore farming facilities is limited and there is a need for new approaches. By placing facilities offshore, farms are less exposed to tidal currents and the currents are more constant. Also, the fish are less exposed to possible illnesses. It is expected that offshore farming will grow constantly over the next decades.

For more information, please contact GRAINTEC.