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At this years forum, Graintec introduces new advances in energy efficient dryer technology. Tested recently in a modern Northern European pet food facility, gas savings were on average 6%, making the installation a very profitable decision, beside the positive environmental effects. Process and product integrity was fully sustained. Key element in the optimization is sensor based airflow automation.

The technology is a result from cooperation between Graintec R&D and University of Southern Denmark, and the presentation will be given by PhD Anders F. Haubjerg, Graintec.
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Futuristic Design Concepts presented at Pet Food Forum 2017

Pet Food Forum, in Kansas City, Missouri, USA was a real success for Graintec

We gave a presentation entitled,”Futuristic Design Concepts for the Design of Pet Food Facilities.” It was very well attended and a number of people stopped by our booth afterwards to ask more questions and further the discussion.

We also had excellent traffic at our booth, as the word spread that we are developing a number of new technological advances to offer our clients.

We look forward to meet you at the Cologne Petfood Forum and Aquafeed Horizons in June.
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How dryer airflow automation can increase energy efficiency

In the production of extruded feed, hot air drying accounts for almost 50 % of the total energy consumption. Naturally, our customers in the industry have incentive to improve fossil fuel efficiency to convert gas savings directly to bottom line earnings and a reduction of carbon footprint.

However, opportunities to reduce gas consumption in the dryers are often overlooked due to anxiety of compromising process- and product integrity. Many modern pet food facilities have dampers, valves, etc. that are locked in fixed positions, arising from an initial equipment run-in phase. If gas savings are to be realized across all products and production lines, active- and online adjustments of process airflow is needed. This is to react towards shifting production conditions and -volume flow as well as product size, composition and recipe.

GRAINTEC’s new dryer airflow automation makes use of information retrieved from sensors placed in air ducts, to judiciously adjust air flow control measures to appropriate positions. This allows dryers to react on relevant processing conditions. “Recent studies have demonstrated that by implementing dryer airflow automation in extruded pet food production, annual gas savings of 3 – 10 % can be realized, depending on processing conditions”, says Anders Haubjerg, Sr. Process Engineer in the Business and Technology Development at Graintec A/S. And he continues; “That is often around a year in payback time, so we do encourage our customers to contact us to hear more – this is a real opportunity to pick the low hanging fruits”.

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The sanitary design of production facilities is important in order to ensure safety. Especially in pet food production, demands are high with regard to strict hygiene regulations and food processing standards. Hygienic design of machinery and a factory layout that enhances good hygiene are therefore crucial in order to ensure food safety.

It is not possible to avoid contaminated raw materials from entering the raw material zone of the producing factory, but it is possible to prevent it from spreading. Moreover, it is important to keep the plant clean and dry. It is practically impossible to alter badly designed plant layouts, machine supports and process equipment at a later stage and therefore it must be taken care of in the design phase of any project. A hygienically designed plant will reduce maintenance and cleaning costs.

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At Graintec we have many years of experience within the field and we have the knowhow about how equipment, facilities and production plants for the feed production industry must be designed in order to protect animal foods from disease-causing bacteria, chemicals and other contaminants.

GRAINTEC can be of assistance when the potential hazards at production facilities are examined and we can assess the required feed safety plans to ensure that production is according with FDA food safety regulations. 

Our local office in Kansas City is ready to assist you with their expertise in hygienic design solutions for your production facility:

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More than a standard EPC company

GRAINTEC’s American office is located in Kansas City, right in the middle of the animal health corridor. This region represents the world’s largest concentration of animal health companies, where pet food production is a major business. The focus on pet food manufacture and research within the area of animal health is a major reason for GRAINTEC being present in Kansas City and focusing on the pet food business. Moreover, Kansas City is central for the US and makes it therewith possible for us to provide our services and quality directly to the Northern American market.


GRAINTEC is an engineering company with more than 30 years of experience, and is solemnly dedicated to the aqua feed and pet food industry. Our main expertise is engineering, contracting and project management. We plan, design and manage the building of production facilities. In addition, we are your partner when it comes to energy recovery and environmental improvement and we innovate hygienic design.


GRAINTEC is a knowledge-based company providing each facility the appropriate, tailored solution. We are not an equipment manufacturer and are therefore independent from machine suppliers, but maintain a close cooperation with these in order to ensure the right technology for each distinct solution.  


Of course, you can find us at this year’s Pet Food Forum in Kansas City – our hometown! We bid you welcome at booth 816. Also, we hope to see you at our presentation on a new innovative hybrid technology that combines eco friendliness, energy and water recovery and reduction in odor emission for the production of extruded feed and food production – EWOTEC. Learn more about EWOTEC and its advantages here and find information about where to join!



Does your pet food facility comply with the CGMP requirements?

The US food and Drug Administration (FDA) has enforced a final rule that to some extent aligns the regulations for Pet food production with production standards for human food.

The protectionAir-treatment-DSC00014 of human and animal health must always be a prime consideration in the manufacturing and distribution of animal feed including pet food, which is why one should consider the FDA initiative as a positive development for the industry.

However, the new legislation can also prove to be a challenge for pet food manufacturers to put into effect.

Firstly, the rule requires facilities to have a written food safety plan and supply chain program that must be specific to the facility, which is why the complexity of the plans depends on the type of facility. It also requires the facilities to perform analyses of potential hazards and implement controls to minimize the risks. Those controls are also to be monitored and corrected as needed.

Secondly, pet food producers must now, for the first time comply with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP), mandated by FESMA (Food Safety Modernization Act), which contain major new requirements for the animal feed industry, as they are very similar to the requirements that have been in place for food production for human consumption.

In order to comply with the new FDA regulation, pet food manufacturers are not only facing a significant amount of documentation and record keeping – the CGMP demands that each facility determines which elements e.g. plant, ground, personnel training, sanitation, water supply and plumbing systems, equipment and utensils, operation procedures, distribution of final product etc., might contain hazards or hazardous measures in need of control and monitoring. Be aware that these rules of the new regulation also apply for foreign facilities exporting to the US.

Since the late 1990’s GRAINTEC has developed hygienic and sanitary guidelines on how equipment, facilities and production plants for the feed production industry must be designed, in order to protect animal foods from disease-causing bacteria, chemicals and other contaminants. GRAINTEC can therefore be of important assistance when manufacturers examine the potential hazards at their facilities and assess the required feed safety plans to ensure that production is according with FDA food safety regulations.


The sanitary design of the production facility is important in order to ensure feed safety, since hazards are found throughout the process – from the raw material intake to the bagging and storage of the finished product. In other words, the content of for instance salmonella bacteria or other bacteria’s is dependent on the raw material contamination, the possible contamination from residues in the production line, the entering of raw material dust when extracting air for cooling – and many other variables!Hygeinic-Zoning

Also worth to consider is the fact that the risk of growth of present bacteria is considerable, if suitable temperature- and humidity conditions occur. This unfortunate development is most likely to follow in the production line between the heating step and until cooling has been completed, if condensation and formation of wet layers are seen…

Would you like to know more about GRAINTEC’s expertise with Hygienic Design solutions?

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Pet Food Production: 50-70 % Water Recovery Using Hybrid Technology

At this year’s Petfood Forum in Kansas City, GRAINTEC presents a new hybrid technology: EWOTEC. A solution showing considerably reduction of the Energy consumption, Water use and Odor emission for the extruded feed and food production

The EWOTEC solution is a hybrid technology that combines energy and water recovery, and at the same time ensures a substantial odor reduction in a sustainable and economical way.

Hot air drying is the most common used drying technique when producing extruded pet food – and it is at the same time the most energy consuming part of the production. If we look at the numbers, this process alone accounts for up to 50-60 % of a process lines’ total thermal energy consumption. However expensive, it is still the most common method to dry the feed pellets, and it has essential impact on the technical quality of the feed – especially in connection to shelf life during bagging and transportation.

The EWOTEC solution has been developed during a research and development project led by GRAINTEC, partly financed by the Danish Ministry of Environment and in collaboration with leading feed manufacturers BioMar and MARS®. Results from the project have shown that extruded feed manufacturers can save up to 50-70 % on water use, by recycling condensed water from the drying process. Furthermore, the hybrid technology ensures an energy reduction between 30-50 %, while targeting 80 % reduction in odor emission.

According to the Alltech Global Feed Survey Summary, the production of pet food on global scale reached no less than 21 million tons in 2014.


In order to produce this amount of pet food the manufacturers added approximately 5.3 million tons of water and consumed 5,250 GWh in the drying process.

The saving potential by implementing EWOTEC was in 2014 at least 3 million tons of water and 2,650 GWh – equivalent to the daily water consumption of 2.6 million American households and the yearly energy consumption of no less than 240,000 American households.

If you want to learn more of the new solution, senior process engineer at GRAINTEC, Anders Haubjerg, who has been assisting project manager and responsible for practical testing and analysis of test results, will give a presentation of EWOTEC at this year’s Petfood Forum in Kansas City.

The presentation will be at Exhibit Hall E, Pet Food Processing & Safety Learning Center 19 April at 1.15-1.45 pm.

Find GRAINTEC at the Petfood Forum 2016 in Kansas City Convention Center at booth no. 816.


Ever seen the inside of Hill’s Pet Nutrition Inc.’s plant in Emporia, Kansas?

Have you ever seen the inside of Hill’s Pet Nutrition Inc.’s plant in Emporia, Kansas?

“Here we make both Science Diet® and Prescription Diet® Pet foods – in and environment designed and build with people, performance and planet in mind”

 The Emporia plant was a green field project that opened in 2010, and GRAINTEC was responsible for the process design works, project management, installation and process quality testing of the facility.

The plant is 500,000 square-feet and was designed to meet the highest environmental building and performance standards for water efficiency, energy, and atmosphere and indoor environmental quality, which earned a LEED certification*.

Hills-plant-Emporia500At GRAINTEC, we remain very proud of the result and congratulate Hill’s with the success of the first 5 years .

* Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design







The 23rd Pet Food Forum takes its debut in Kansas City

The 23rd Pet Food Forum takes its debut in Kansas City Convention Center on April 27-29, 2015 with more than 200 leading industry suppliers. GRAINTEC will be one of the attendees at the conference, which provides the ideal opportunity for pet food professionals from around the world to network, exchange ideas and do business with one another and with leading industry suppliers.

The Pet Food Forum gives the opportunity to catch up on the latest research and innovative information on pet nutrition, global pet food market growth and pet food safety – including processing, packaging. Besides workshops, Petfood Forum live TV and student programs,  the conference also facilitates educational sessions – and GRAINTEC’s own Pet Food Division Manager, Tjitze Smit, will give a solution-oriented presentation on “How to Avoid Product Degradation in Pet Food Handling “. Tjitze will present the new innovative solutions Tuesday, 28 April 2015 in Room 2505 from 03:45 – 04:30 PM.

Our colleagues from Graintec, INC. are looking forward to two educational and profitable days – networking with the industry’s leading suppliers.


Find us at booth no. 716.




At the entry of 2015 we have established our ability to operate global on group level. Presently we are executing design and/or supply projects to Norway, Scotland, Spain, The Netherlands, Jordan, Chile, USA, China, Peru and Australia.

The close cooperation between Graintec A/S and the subsidiaries in USA, Chile and China and the local presence ensure close dialog with customers and suppliers in the different regions of the world.

Our scope of supply includes design and supply projects as well as spare and wear parts for extruded pet food and fish feed production.


We look forward to new and challenging projects in 2015.

Happy New Year, feliz Año Nuevo, 新年快乐