Michael Mortensen appointed new CEO of GRAINTEC

On June 1st 2017, Michael Mortensen was appointed CEO of GRAINTEC.

A unanimous Board of Directors has appointed Michael Mortensen as new CEO of GRAINTEC. Michael Mortensen brings more than 20 years of international projects and contracting experience from his previous positions.
With his extensive international project experience and his passion for servicing customers on a global scale, Michael is the right person to lead GRAINTEC´s continued expansion in the global market place. As the leading provider of end-to-end solutions to the high quality Aquafeed and Pet Food industry, we are committed to continue to bring leading edge solutions to this very dynamic and fast growing aqua feed segment and at the same time continue to expand our presences in the growing Pet-Food segment.

“I’m very excited to join the GRAINTEC team”, said Michael Mortensen. “GRAINTEC has a very talented and dedicated team with extensive international turn key experience.” Mortensen continued, “Going forward we will continue to develop our presence in key markets, which in addition to the head quarter in Denmark, currently count offices in US, Chile and China. We will continue to increase our focus on innovations that bring additional value to our loyal customer base in terms of lower operational costs, sustainable green solutions, increase plant flexibility and obtain the highest final feed quality. A key focus area will be to enhance our customer service offerings. With our broad understating of the full production process, GRAINTEC can ensure high plant efficiency through continued plant optimization and other customized plant life cycle services.”

I welcome Michael in his new role and look forward to a mutually rewarding working relationship in the years to come.

Kind regards
Henrik Hougaard
Chairman of the Board

Top modern shrimp feed facility in Ecuador

A new joint venture investment makes the construction of a greenfield project for a state-of-the-art shrimp feed facility reality. The new facility is located near the city of Guayaquil and has capacity to annually produce around 130,000 tons of high quality shrimp feed for supplying the local market.

cargill_A GRAINTEC project team in cooperation with a Cargill project team have worked out the complete technical design of the factory. Both staff from GRAINTEC’s headquarters in Denmark and from the office in Chile have been part of this project.

The joint venture between Cargill and Naturisa creates new opportunities and makes the aquaculture industry in Ecuador increasingly dynamic. The state-of-the-art facility incorporates newest technology and sets high quality standards.

“The challenge with shrimp food is the right density of the food in order to ensure that the feed keeps its quality when floating”, says Cristian Toscano, Graintec´s Area Sales Manager for Latin America. “The production process requires the right pelletizers and extruding technology in order to receive the best feed conversion rate.” In addition to having the industry’s most modern technology, the Ecuadorian facility will be earthquake secured and constructed with the highest local safety requirements.

 We expect commercial production of the new facility to start before summer 2018.





Yet another historic order for Graintec

marineharvestFollowing its success with huge orders from earlier, GRAINTEC has secured a large design and supply order for a new fish feed factory. The company Marine Harvest Scotland Ltd. is going to build Europe´s most modern salmon feed plant – a high technology factory on the Isle of Skye, where Denmark-based Graintec A/S stands for the project design.

The new factory is going to produce 170,000 tons a year. With a total contract value of about 33,5 million Euro, the project is the second largest order in Graintec’s history. High technology is going to play a central role and with the current trend for sustainability and organic food, the factory will meet many different demands. Fish feed for different sized salmon can be produced (both starter and grower fish) and there will be organic feed production. The technology that is implemented by Graintec will include a new solution for grinding and will focus on energy recovery, which is one of the areas the Danish company with subsidiaries on several continents has specialized in.

“We are world leaders with regard to the production process of salmon food, meaning that there is a 67% chance that the salmon you buy in the store has been fed with food from a production plant where Graintec in one way or other has been involved in”, says CEO Niels Pedersen. “We did it again, and look forward to extend our good collaboration and the works on the Kyleakin project”, he says proudly, referring to 2012, where Graintec received its biggest design order, a feed factory for the Norwegian Marine Harvest ASA with a contract sum of about 36 million Euro.

SiteGraintec has specialized in eco-friendly production facilities for extruded fish feed and pet food. The company executes projects, designs and installs production plants, and acts further as consultants in the field. Efficiency and responsibility for the environment, as well as hygiene and research within the field are key matters for Graintec. Due to a focused and customer-oriented approach, Graintec has been able to triple the yearly turnover to an average 39 million Euro over a three-year period.

The state-of-the-art feed plant placed in Kyleakin, on the Scottish Isle of Skye, is going to produce feed for Scotland and other Marine Harvest sites in the North Atlantic region. Further development on the site is depending on the coming construction permits. Planning permission is expected later this year and commercial production will start in summer 2018.



Pet Food Production: 50-70 % Water Recovery Using Hybrid Technology

At this year’s Petfood Forum in Kansas City, GRAINTEC presents a new hybrid technology: EWOTEC. A solution showing considerably reduction of the Energy consumption, Water use and Odor emission for the extruded feed and food production

The EWOTEC solution is a hybrid technology that combines energy and water recovery, and at the same time ensures a substantial odor reduction in a sustainable and economical way.

Hot air drying is the most common used drying technique when producing extruded pet food – and it is at the same time the most energy consuming part of the production. If we look at the numbers, this process alone accounts for up to 50-60 % of a process lines’ total thermal energy consumption. However expensive, it is still the most common method to dry the feed pellets, and it has essential impact on the technical quality of the feed – especially in connection to shelf life during bagging and transportation.

The EWOTEC solution has been developed during a research and development project led by GRAINTEC, partly financed by the Danish Ministry of Environment and in collaboration with leading feed manufacturers BioMar and MARS®. Results from the project have shown that extruded feed manufacturers can save up to 50-70 % on water use, by recycling condensed water from the drying process. Furthermore, the hybrid technology ensures an energy reduction between 30-50 %, while targeting 80 % reduction in odor emission.

According to the Alltech Global Feed Survey Summary, the production of pet food on global scale reached no less than 21 million tons in 2014.


In order to produce this amount of pet food the manufacturers added approximately 5.3 million tons of water and consumed 5,250 GWh in the drying process.

The saving potential by implementing EWOTEC was in 2014 at least 3 million tons of water and 2,650 GWh – equivalent to the daily water consumption of 2.6 million American households and the yearly energy consumption of no less than 240,000 American households.

If you want to learn more of the new solution, senior process engineer at GRAINTEC, Anders Haubjerg, who has been assisting project manager and responsible for practical testing and analysis of test results, will give a presentation of EWOTEC at this year’s Petfood Forum in Kansas City.

The presentation will be at Exhibit Hall E, Pet Food Processing & Safety Learning Center 19 April at 1.15-1.45 pm.

Find GRAINTEC at the Petfood Forum 2016 in Kansas City Convention Center at booth no. 816.


A new giant is ready to produce at Fosen in Norway!


Marine Harvest’s first fish feed factory is about to open. The project is finalized, the factory will open officially at noon on the 15th of October 2014 at Valsneset in Bjugn/ Norway.

We at GRAINTEC are proud to have been partners to Marine Harvest in this turnkey project of delivering a new state of the art fish feed factory for Marine Harvest Fish Feed AS in Norway.

The new Marine Harvest factory is supplied with technology designed by GRAINTEC, who has also been responsible for supplying the majority of the process, factory automation and electrical works as well as auxiliary and service installations. GRAINTEC’s knowhow and project execution skills have been the key factors for a successful project – on time – on budget.

The factory is capable to deliver 220,000 metric tons a year of high quality feed to the salmon farms of Marine Harvest. For the first quarter of operation, the plant has been able to produce about 56,000 metric tons of feed making an EBIT of EUR 2.5m.

in-briefThe project is unique in its approach to carbon footprint and other environmental impacts as it has been designed to fulfill the sustainability mission of Marine Harvest as well as local laws and regulations.

The new factory at Valsneset is part of the trusted value chain that is core to the production principles applied for all production of high quality salmon at Marine Harvest. The process includes all steps from producing fish feed to delivering premium portioned fish filets. Marine Harvest operates the entire value chain of all its products – ensuring every stage of farming and production adheres to their strict best practice and category-leading guidelines. These controls guarantee supreme quality and consistent products which customers around the globe value and trust.



About Marine Harvest ASA:

Marine Harvest ASA is one of the largest seafood companies in the world, and the world’s largest producer of Atlantic salmon. The company employs 10 200 people, and is represented in 22 countries. In 2013 the company had a turnover of NOK 19 billion. Marine Harvest is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE) and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Marine Harvest supplies healthy, delicious and sustainably farmed salmon and processed seafood to more than 50 markets worldwide. The company is present and trusted in all major salmon farming regions in the world. Estimated salmon production for 2014 is 405 000 tonnes.