Dryer and Cooler Survey

drying-cooling-figurThe drying process accounts for almost 50 percent of the overall energy consumption in pet food and fish feed production, as seen from the figure

Energy consumption in the hot air drying is constituted from:

  • Evaporation of water
  • Heating of products
  • Heating of air
  • Other losses (convective/conductive losses from cabinets, ducts, cyclones, etc.)



The survey

It is GRAINTEC’s experience, that our customers typically are more concerned with issues at hand. Therefore, we optionally offer our surveys with specificity on either energy efficiency or product quality. Obviously, these parts can beneficially be merged into a full cooler and dryer survey.

The energy efficiency survey includes, other than analysis of the drying process, also assessments of cooler performance, as well as opportunities for energy recovery around prevailing process air design.

The product quality survey address quality issues (if applicable) on a production line, in different times of the year, for a certain product/size/capacity, etc. A glass transition temperature alignment study is performed, to evaluate drying conditions in each zone and (if applicable) propositions to redesign pellet transport conditions to dryer are given, to achieve a correct glass transition in the product, when dried. This survey targets utilizing findings in an Industrial PhD project by GRAINTEC, directly into improvement of technical product quality, e.g. fines generated from inferior mechanical durability.