Europe’s first factory to convert…

Europe’s first factory to convert sewage sludge into environmentally friendly fertilizer opened April 30, 2015 in Rogaland, Norway.

As the supplier of machines and installation contactor of the process equipment and control system, GRAINTEC was present at the grand opening along with the Norwegian Minister for Climate and Environment and other guests.

Åbning-med-logo IVAR IKS is a water-, sewage-, and waste-company that constructs and operates municipal facilities for water, waste water and general waste and seeks to secure the region`s most competitive water, waste water and waste services.

In 2012, IVAR IKS contacted GRAINTEC in regards to an innovating project. They had the vision to convert seemingly useless waste sludge from sewage into eco-friendly fertilizer pellets by adding nutrients to the sludge when dried. Beneficial for both environmental and economic perspectives. Holding this innovatory premise, tests and pre-trails were conducted together with GRAINTEC and with positive test-results, the project launched.

Not only is the fertilizer pellets (named MINORGA) a great utilization of a waste product that normally would become an expense to dispose of; it is also a sustainable and profitable product, as it is suitable for agricultural use – especially in grain-growing areas.

The production nominal capacity is 10,000 tons pressed pellets per year, corresponding to one production-shift per day, 5 days a week. The capacity can be raised by extending to several shifts.

Engineering and installing the process line for this innovating project has been an interesting and significant assignment for GRAINTEC, and we congratulate IVAR on the opening. Your business is appreciated.