Preview of Petfood Forum Kansas presentation

We look forward to meet you at the forum, where we will be available for discussions on benefits from recent technological advances. Here’s an overview of what we will be ready to discuss:

Gentle Conveying
Preserving the physical quality of finished goods during transport requires gentle transport methods. The Simatek Bucket Conveyor is a conveying system for the ultimate and gentle handling of pet food. The unique and patented filling system makes the Simatek Bucket Conveyor one of the most reliable on the market.
The conveyor can be designed to fulfill most demands for transporting products from A to B. For optimum hygiene, the Simatek Bucket Conveyor can be equipped with a wide range of cleaning devices

Save energy – Improve Quality
GRAINTEC’s novel ‘Adaptive Dryer Automation Program’ (ADAP) operates to control Your dryers’ performance. Target is high technical quality, high moisture accuracy and low energy consumption. ADAP is a multi-objective and model-predictive tool that allows concurrent optimization of all these targets at the same time. It utilizes sensor readings, actuators and control valves to automate air flow in and around the dryer. High mechanical durability is ensured based on glass transition temperature control – a technology developed in an industrial PhD project in collaboration with the University of Southern Denmark.

Raw Material Recycling
Material generated at the onset and end of daily production is a valuable resource, yet often discarded to prevent contamination and reduce labor consumption. Contemporary drying and recycling processes is generally a better solution, giving a high pay-back rate.

Special Material Handling
Special pneumatic transport may be the better answer to challenges related to moving fragile, moisture absorbing, oily, or materials with high oxidation potential. Advances have been made to enable better qualified decision on transport media (cold air, dried air, nitrogen etc.), finetuning product/air ratio, and prevention of condensation.

Resource Recovery
Bringing down Dry Matter Loss, and loss of energy (heat), is coming to new levels. Meeting environmental demands and obtaining better financial performance are the primary objectives for choosing better resource recovery. Depending on your equipment’s current operation modes, benefits can extended to meeting higher standards for odor reduction, and recycling water.

Optimize Performance
Your drying and cooling system is probably working with an efficacy rate, that was acceptable at the time it was installed, calibrated, declared ready for use. It may not be the case any longer by newer standards. Graintec works with high precision and expertise to assess your drying and cooling system’s performance. Why not let us have a shot at yours?
We currently have a 90% + track record of creating very positive ROI’s after optimization.

Not attending the Kansas Petfood Forum, yet eager to learn more? Mail us at, we will be happy to discuss how you could benefit from the technologies and advances.