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Advancing aquaculture technologies to make blue food green

Our commitment to sustainable seafood farming motivates us to play a leading role in developing new and better farming technologies. We have delivered complex solutions and projects to the aquaculture industry for more than 3 decades and have gained a reputation as a supplier that can be trusted when it comes to meeting our customers’ expectations and successful execution of large and complex projects. Our technologies deliver value in the full value chain from feed production to fish farming.

Aqua Feed is where it all started. For more than 30 years, we have been a leader in developing and constructing high-quality extruded fish feed factories. We use our vast experience to help our customers plan and succeed with their fish feed production. Click here to learn more here. 

Sea-based: We have a gentle handling and feeding solution for near-shore or off-shore fish farming. We are a pioneer in solutions for bulk transport of fish feed and water-borne feeding that ensure efficient and gentle transport of feed from feed factory to fish. Our water-borne feeding solutions reduce feed loss and environmental impact while ensuring optimal feed distribution for optimum fish growth – you can learn more under business area Sea-based.  

Land-based: Denmark was one of the first countries to start fish farming in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS). We have built on this heritage to develop sustainable solutions for land-based intensive farming in RAS. Our technologies guarantee ultra-pure water and gentle fish handling for excellent fish welfare and growth. With a Graintec RAS solution, land-based fish farming can grow with a clear conscience. Learn more under the business area Land-based.

All our fully integrated and automated solutions ensure a safe and reliable operation. Through our dedicated Customer Service team, we will support your operation onsite and remotely with expert knowledge and service.

Graintec has proven to be a trusted supplier

Claes Jonermark, Operations Director Europe, Mowi Feed

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