Today: We are working on several large-scale and other projects around the world. Both the head-office in Denmark and our subsidiaries in Chile and China are collaborating to fulfil the needs of our customers.
Our customers are situated on all continents and we are a dedicated player on the market, keeping our customers’ needs and expectations in focus.


Graintec China Ltd. moves office location to new premises close to Shanghai Hongqiao transportation hub. Established in 2012, Graintec China Ltd. provides professional EPC services to local and international aqua feed and pet food companies in the market of China and other Asian countries.

We secure a large design order for a new fish feed factory for Marine Harvest Scotland Ltd. On the Isle of Skye, where Europe’s most modern salmon feed plant is to be built and Graintec A/S stands for the project design.


We are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the company.

Our office in Kansas City, USA, is expanding with the employment of extra staff.

In 2014

The large-scale project comprising a new aqua feed factory  for Marine Harvest ASA in Valsneset, Norway, is finished succesfully and in time.
In November 2014 Graintec Inc. moved to a new office in Kansas City in order to have more space for new colleagues.

In 2013

Besides different major upgrades of existing facilities in Norway and the Faroe Islands, we delivered amongst others two bulk boats for salmon feed to Norway. Also, we designed a new pet food plant for Bridge (Shanghai) Pet Food Ltd. (NORY).

In 2012

GRAINTEC received an order for the second phase of the Aasgard project from Skretting. Furthermore, Graintec China Ltd. was established. Things began to move in the Chinese market with the signature of the first contract to NORY, comprising a design study for a new pet food production line and the large-scale contract with Perfect Companion Group for a new pet food factory.

The largest project in 2012 was the order from Marine Harvest ASA. The order comprises design, supply and running-in of production systems, automation and electric supplies as well as production engineering aid systems and the environment plant for a new aqua feed factory to be erected at Valsneset in Norway. Production start is planned for June 2014.

In 2011

The largest project was the first phase of the Skretting Aasgard project. 
We also received a design order from Perfect Companion Group in Thailand for a greenfield project for a pet food plant in China. At the end of the year a number of orders came in for EWOS plants in Norway. Four large projects for BioMar Myre were completed, and we participated as guests in the opening ceremony in June 2011.

In 2010

The decision was made to launch activities in South East Asia and the USA with the establishment of local GRAINTEC representations.

In 2009

Marketing activities were extended by working the Brazilian pet food market and making a preliminary evaluation of the South East Asian markets in China, Vietnam and Indonesia. 
We signed a contract with Hill’s Pet Nutrition in Topeka/ USA, for assisting in completing a large-scale project in Emporia.

In 2007

We initiated a greenfield project at Hill’s Pet Nutrition in Hustopece CZ, the biggest project in the history of GRAINTEC at that time. 
During 2007 and 2008 both aqua feed and pet food segments in Northern Europe continued investing in production capacity increases. GRAINTEC expanded heavily in this period and increased the employees by 30 percent in order to meet the demands.

The period from 2002 to 2005

Investments in the salmon feed industry decreased considerably. This situation was expected, and GRAINTEC therefore turned to alternative business areas such as the pet food market and plants for environmental improvements and energy savings in order to become less depending on the aqua feed industry.

In 1995

Graintec A/S was acquired in a management buy-out in cooperation with external investors.

In the period from 1992 to 2003

The extruded aqua feed industry became the primary market of Graintec A/S. Activities within the aqua feed sector expanded considerably, and by the turn of the century plants for aqua feed accounted for 95% of the turnover.
Our subsidiary Graintec Chile was established.

In 1988

As a subsidiary of DTD/Pasilac in Aarhus, all activities in the company were sold to the British company APV Ltd.

In 1985

Graintec A/S was founded October 1, 1985 as subsidiary of DTD A/S (Danish Turnkey Dairies A/S). The idea was to extend the existing engineering and contracting know-how from dairies and slaughterhouses to comprise plants for the production of animal feed.

The Danish Sugar Factories (DDS) took over DTD, and in 1985 the engineering department of Jesma A/S in Vejle was acquired. Based on the combined process know-how from Jesma A/S and know-how on engineering and contracting from DTD, Graintec A/S was established in Vejle.