More than a standard EPC company

GRAINTEC’s American office is located in Kansas City, right in the middle of the animal health corridor. This region represents the world’s largest concentration of animal health companies, where pet food production is a major business. The focus on pet food manufacture and research within the area of animal health is a major reason for GRAINTEC being present in Kansas City and focusing on the pet food business. Moreover, Kansas City is central for the US and makes it therewith possible for us to provide our services and quality directly to the Northern American market.


GRAINTEC is an engineering company with more than 30 years of experience, and is solemnly dedicated to the aqua feed and pet food industry. Our main expertise is engineering, contracting and project management. We plan, design and manage the building of production facilities. In addition, we are your partner when it comes to energy recovery and environmental improvement and we innovate hygienic design.


GRAINTEC is a knowledge-based company providing each facility the appropriate, tailored solution. We are not an equipment manufacturer and are therefore independent from machine suppliers, but maintain a close cooperation with these in order to ensure the right technology for each distinct solution.  


Of course, you can find us at this year’s Pet Food Forum in Kansas City – our hometown! We bid you welcome at booth 816. Also, we hope to see you at our presentation on a new innovative hybrid technology that combines eco friendliness, energy and water recovery and reduction in odor emission for the production of extruded feed and food production – EWOTEC. Learn more about EWOTEC and its advantages here and find information about where to join!