New extrusion feed plant down under

March 15, 2018. Ridley Corporation has named GRAINTEC A/S their design and technology partner for its new extrusion feed plant in Westbury, Tasmania. The new state-of-the art facility will add to Ridley´s position as Australia’s leading producer of animal feed.

The new state of the art, purpose built plant, will have on-site bulk storage and warehouses for both raw materials and finished goods. The extrusion based feed plant will manufacture and supply feed primarily to the salmon industry, as well as other aquaculture species in Australia and in New Zealand.

GRAINTEC have worked closely with Ridley´s team developing the conceptual design of the plant. Under the newly signed agreement GRAINTEC will be the principal technology and an equipment supplier for the project and will supervise the installation and startup of the facility.

It was crucial for Ridley to choose a sustainable solution with low utility consumption, minimum pellet breakage and dust creation and it had to be based on well-proven solutions.

Ridley´s Project Manager, elaborates; “It was, of course, important to choose a supplier with expertise in extruded aqua feed and the right competitive solution. GRAINTEC have more than 30 years of experience designing and constructing high performance extruded aqua feed facilities around the world. What we needed was a world class aqua feed facility. GRAINTEC´s extensive experience and know-how in this field was a decisive factor. In addition, we wanted a design with minimum impact on the environment a so-called green footprint, and GRAINTEC´s solutions were the answer to this demand.”

Michael Mortensen, CEO of GRAINTEC continues; “We are very pleased to work with Ridley on this important project. Ridley´s commitment to build a facility that will meet the highest quality standards have made it an exciting challenge for GRAINTEC to design the project and to assist Ridley in developing what will become a truly world class facility”.

Construction of the feed plant is due to be completed in 2019.

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