Photo: From left: Jens Jensen, Business Developer and Michael Mortensen, CEO, Graintec and David Hampton, CEO, ImpactMarine

Graintec and ImpactMarine enter a strategic cooperation agreement for the development and construction of an international portfolio of land-based aquaculture facilities


February 2022

Graintec A/S and ImpactMarine have entered into a strategic cooperation agreement to accelerate the development of ImpactMarine’s pipeline of controlled environment aquaculture businesses and to expand the deployment of Graintec’s sophisticated RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture Systems) technology into new markets.

  • ImpactMarine is developing a portfolio of controlled-environment aquaculture facilities using RAS technology to produce a variety of species in important, but distinct markets. The business is currently actively developing sites in the eastern Mediterranean, Oceania and Southern Africa.
  • Graintec is a world leading supplier of aquaculture technology, having designed and delivered aqua feed factories and feeding solutions to the commercial aquaculture industry for more than 2 decades. Graintec is positioning itself to be a leading global supplier of land-based fish farming based on RAS technology

Four facilities for Salmon and Seabass scheduled

As a result of the strategic cooperation, the companies plan to work together to develop and deliver a minimum of four facilities.  The cooperation will accelerate and enhance the development of both Graintec and ImpactMarine and provide the foundations for the long-term position of both companies as leading players in the global aquaculture industry. 

The cooperation will provide Graintec with early mover access to new markets for RAS and a partner for the joint development, testing and deployment of future technologies, as well as a committed pipeline of projects.  ImpactMarine will benefit from the committed access to design and development resource for future projects, as well as access to new aquaculture developments and shorter development lead times.

Michael Mortensen, CEO Graintec commented:

“We are very excited to partner with ImpactMarine. They have an ambitious plan and a business model with a fantastic ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) proposition. The strategic cooperation provides a strong foundation for us to deliver on our commitment to developed reliable and sustainable farming solutions to support the production of better fish for more people”

David Hampton, CEO ImpactMarine commented:

“The strategic cooperation agreement with Graintec is an important step in the development of ImpactMarine.  Having a long-term agreement with Graintec provides ImpactMarine with access to industry leading expertise in RAS and will also ensure that we are able not only to deliver our immediate plans but also that both we and Graintec are seen as leaders of the blue revolution over the coming years.” 

Strong partnership built on shared values

About Graintec

Based in Denmark, Graintec provides reliable engineering solutions, equipment and services to the global aquaculture industry. Being gentle in anything we do, from design to execution, the way our solutions impact the feed as well as the fish being handled and farmed in them is our way of helping our customers improve performance, drive down costs, improve fish welfare and reduce environmental impact. Our core strengths and competencies are reflected in our ability to match market needs and our ability to implement, manage and maintain large, complex projects.


About ImpactMarine

Based in Switzerland, ImpactMarine will have a portfolio of at least four RAS operating facilities within 5 years, focused on specific markets where it can secure an early mover advantage in the transition to RAS technology.  ImpactMarine is leveraging its industry knowledge, strategic partnerships and relationships with strong local partners in key markets to secure uniquely attractive sites in order to meet local market needs and exploit export opportunities.  ImpactMarine is able to secure superior returns with better risk management and lower overhead costs across its portfolio by combining centralised expertise with site-specific business models, strong local partners and support from key local stakeholders.

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