Replacement of 100 m conveyor belt at MOWI successfully conducted within 9 days

April 2023

Henrik Andersen, Senior Sales Manager for Service & Upgrades, was recently at MOWI in Norway to take part in the annual total service of the complete feed pellet factory. 

Graintec took part in the project:

“The task at Mowi was to replace an existing worn-out conveyor belt with a new type. The conveyor belt is used for unloading fish feed pellets onto a ship, with a capacity of 300 tonnes per hour. It took us 9 days to dismantle the existing conveyor belt and install a new 100-meter-long conveyor belt. To make this possible, extensive project work had been done beforehand, which allowed for almost everything to be prefabricated in advance.”

Read the whole interview with MOWI from Ilaks here (Norwegian):

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