HyFlow reuse uneaten pellets

HyFlow (Patent pending) gives option for returning (recircle) of uneaten pellets.

April 28th – 2022

The water based HyFlowTM feeding system has the ability to handle moist-wet feed pellets, due to the water-based transport principle. This enables recircling (reuse) of uneaten feed pellets captured in e.g., a recirculation loop in a RAS system (recirculating aquaculture system), where the feed pellets have already been through the aquaculture fish tanks (uneaten) and succeeding through the recirculating system, and therefore contains considerably amount of water, compared to fresh dry pellets.

This pellet moist content prevents any usage of traditionally transportation/ feeding systems, like pneumatic or auger feeding systems for recircling of said uneaten pellets. The HyFlowTM system, however, has no problem handling and recircling these uneaten moist pellets, and this can lead to other feeding strategies, as e.g. consequences of periodically overfeeding will be minimized, if the uneaten pellets can be captured and via the HyFlowTM system, returned to the fish tanks.

The solution can be retrofitted into existing fish farm or part of the original fish farm layout, and is suitable for both RAS solutions and semi-closed cages near-shore.