Pet Food Production: 50-70 % Water Recovery Using Hybrid Technology

At this year’s Petfood Forum in Kansas City, GRAINTEC presents a new hybrid technology: EWOTEC. A solution showing considerably reduction of the Energy consumption, Water use and Odor emission for the extruded feed and food production

The EWOTEC solution is a hybrid technology that combines energy and water recovery, and at the same time ensures a substantial odor reduction in a sustainable and economical way.

Hot air drying is the most common used drying technique when producing extruded pet food – and it is at the same time the most energy consuming part of the production. If we look at the numbers, this process alone accounts for up to 50-60 % of a process lines’ total thermal energy consumption. However expensive, it is still the most common method to dry the feed pellets, and it has essential impact on the technical quality of the feed – especially in connection to shelf life during bagging and transportation.

The EWOTEC solution has been developed during a research and development project led by GRAINTEC, partly financed by the Danish Ministry of Environment and in collaboration with leading feed manufacturers BioMar and MARS®. Results from the project have shown that extruded feed manufacturers can save up to 50-70 % on water use, by recycling condensed water from the drying process. Furthermore, the hybrid technology ensures an energy reduction between 30-50 %, while targeting 80 % reduction in odor emission.

According to the Alltech Global Feed Survey Summary, the production of pet food on global scale reached no less than 21 million tons in 2014.


In order to produce this amount of pet food the manufacturers added approximately 5.3 million tons of water and consumed 5,250 GWh in the drying process.

The saving potential by implementing EWOTEC was in 2014 at least 3 million tons of water and 2,650 GWh – equivalent to the daily water consumption of 2.6 million American households and the yearly energy consumption of no less than 240,000 American households.

If you want to learn more of the new solution, senior process engineer at GRAINTEC, Anders Haubjerg, who has been assisting project manager and responsible for practical testing and analysis of test results, will give a presentation of EWOTEC at this year’s Petfood Forum in Kansas City.

The presentation will be at Exhibit Hall E, Pet Food Processing & Safety Learning Center 19 April at 1.15-1.45 pm.

Find GRAINTEC at the Petfood Forum 2016 in Kansas City Convention Center at booth no. 816.