Press Release

As per November 28, 2016, GRAINTEC has released Managing Director Niels Pedersen from his position at Graintec A/S and the subsidiaries in Chile, China and USA. A new managing director is expected to take office during the first half of 2017. Until then the job as managing director will be handled jointly by Manager for Technology & Business Development, Benny Simonsen, and Chief Financial Manager, Kasper Holm.

Niels Pedersen has during 11 years transformed GRAINTEC to a global and world leading supplier of solutions for the international fish feed and pet food industry. GRAINTEC’s organization as well as business systems have been built up to meet the key customers’ many-sided needs and expectations. During these years, the company has completed significant consultancy and project supplies. As a result, GRAINTEC is today seen as a global company with established companies in four continents.

The management changes will not influence the fundamental values, mission and vision which form the basis for GRAINTEC’s activities, both in relation to GRAINTEC’s customers and internal parties. GRAINTEC’s organization will, however, be adjusted to meet requirements and expectations of the future. GRAINTEC will continue striving to be the preferred supplier of consultancy and supply projects for the international fish feed and pet food industry. GRAINTEC looks forward to continuing the cooperation with the company’s customers, suppliers and business partners.


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