Refurbishing or replacing major equipment – High vs. Low risk

You have been operating a pet food production line for many years. The on-going expenses is increasing every year. Down time losses and product quality is becoming an issue.

Being In charge of production or maintenance, you recognize the need to refurbishing or replacing major equipment like extruders and dryers. You have identified the high risk involved in the implementation of the project including coordinating; downtime; implementation in a running facility; startup problems and commissioning time. All good reasons for a thorough risk analysis and for not making the proceedings due to a forecast of the high risk.

However, your risk is not eliminated continuing producing on outworn equipment. A major breakdown is not a matter about “if it happens” – but “when it happens” with associated risks and costs for not being able to fulfill your production needs for days? for weeks? Or in worst case even for months?

Engaging GRAINTEC in your revamp project minimize your risks! We undertake full responsibility from feasibility studies to commissioned project, including Project Management – Detailed Engineering – Purchasing – Supply of equipment – Dismantling – Installation works – As Build Documentation – Pre Startup Testing – Commissioning and Training of your employees. We undertake the project with performance as well as downtime guarantees.

GRAINTEC is the specialized EPC Company within the pet food industry that has the competences and resources, as well as documented references confirming our successful capabilities. The number of upgrade projects for the pet and aqua feed industries amounts to more than 200 projects.

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