Sea lice are a challenge to farmed and wild fish

Challenges comes in different sizes and shapes. One the small-sized challenges in the sea is the common sea louse, known as the Salmon louse. It is small marine parasites that occur naturally on wild fish. It is planktonic and transported on the tide, attaching itself on the skin of the fish.

To face the challenge

A non-medicinal possibility are a high standard on clean net and cages with fine mask nettings among others.

Another possibility is pharmaceutical products. GRAINTEC have designed and built several production plants for the production of medicated or functional feeds used to reduce the problem from sea lice in salmon.

To design and execute projects for functional and medicated feeds requires high expertise and knowhow in hygiene feed/food plant design, and the process technology used should be very accurate and safe in terms of additions of various ingredients together will full traceability. The process line should have wash-down capability from the point where medicine is added.