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The sanitary design of production facilities is important in order to ensure safety. Especially in pet food production, demands are high with regard to strict hygiene regulations and food processing standards. Hygienic design of machinery and a factory layout that enhances good hygiene are therefore crucial in order to ensure food safety.

It is not possible to avoid contaminated raw materials from entering the raw material zone of the producing factory, but it is possible to prevent it from spreading. Moreover, it is important to keep the plant clean and dry. It is practically impossible to alter badly designed plant layouts, machine supports and process equipment at a later stage and therefore it must be taken care of in the design phase of any project. A hygienically designed plant will reduce maintenance and cleaning costs.

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At Graintec we have many years of experience within the field and we have the knowhow about how equipment, facilities and production plants for the feed production industry must be designed in order to protect animal foods from disease-causing bacteria, chemicals and other contaminants.

GRAINTEC can be of assistance when the potential hazards at production facilities are examined and we can assess the required feed safety plans to ensure that production is according with FDA food safety regulations. 

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