The importance of a trustful partner in business

Having 30 years of experience in a niche market, GRAINTEC is used to handling complex projects where confidentiality is essential. We have implemented confidentiality in our working procedures, business values and employment contracts with all staff. One of our business values is confidentiality. Entering non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality agreements are standard procedures for GRAINTEC projects.

 We offer a wide range of consulting services, including feasibility studies and technical consultancy and assistance. Contact us  for energy studies, trouble shooting or bottleneck surveys. As a confidential business partner, we can identify and benchmark your potential suppliers. Our project management capabilities ensure the overall development and control of your complete project from start to end and with expert advice on legislation, regulations and directives.

Being a trustful partner in business also includes keeping up to date with the newest technologies and knowledge in the field. We have for instance a center of best practice, where we share our in-house knowledge and keep updated. We take part in the constant development and innovation in the field to ensure sustainability, hygiene and optimization on a high level.

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