Towards a sustainable solution for odor abatement and resource recovery

Upcoming presentation at AQUAFEED HORIZONS 2017 JUNE 14TH

The exhaust air from conventional hot air dryers are malodorous, humid and warm. Often, separate additional process steps are added to reduce odor and comply with legislation. In these steps, available resources in the air, energy and water, are not utilized. Sometimes, additional energy and fresh water are even used in the added odor abatement processes. The ideal solution should address the dryer exhaust, in a single end-pipe solution, integrating odor reduction, energy recovery and recirculation of condensed water. Graintec R&D has taken significant steps towards developing new technology to accomplish this goal.

The technology is a result from cooperation between Graintec R&D, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency as well as aqua feed and petfood producers. Results from this cooperation, as well as insight into the new technology, will be presented by PhD Anders F. Haubjerg, Graintec A/S.
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