Efficient feed logistics

Feed logistics

We know the challenges of handling large amounts of bulk aquafeed and operation at open sea. Focus on accurate and safe handling in the changing environment is crucial when we design and supply bulk handling systems for aquafeed factories, new or rebuilt feed supply boats, bringing fish feed directly to the fish feed barge or directly onto the farm. 

The need for gentle handling of the feed from e.g. the feed supply boat to the farm is addressed by well thought out solutions with focus on reducing the environmental impact. The three most important measures to avoid pellet breakage and to ensure the formation of fins are:  keep pellet velocity low, avoid pellets from being trapped between different mechanical moving parts and avoid sharp edges


Our logistics philisophy:
> High feed intake capacity to/from feed supply trucks or boats 
> Gentle handling obtained by correct design of equipment
> Well-designed solutions to avoid cross contamination
> Low energy consumption

Fully integrated feeding system at the offshore farm – from intake to feeding on the surface or underwater

Our HyFlow™ feeding system can be installed on feed barges or onshore for traditional near-shore cage feeding.

We constantly develop new solutions and improvements and are always ready to upgrade and service your plant.

The ability to handle large project execution is crucial. We will keep you updated and involved all the way through – ensuring peace of mind.

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