Flexible and gentle underwater feeding with proven results 

Developing innovative solution

In 2017 Graintecs first HyFlowTM feeding system came in operation on SalMar Ocean Farming offshore farm. The customer had some specific demands and concerns that became the foundation for the new solution;

Thorbjørn K. Hammernes, Director Projects & Technology, Ocean Farming, Salmar Group;

“When planning the ambitious offshore fish farm, Ocean Farm 1, we were looking for a feed system able to efficiently load large volumes of feed into the farm and to feed under water for good growth of the salmon. We shared our ideas and needs with Graintec, and they developed an innovative and gentle solution named HyFlowTM. Their technology met our requirements for a reliable feeding system with low feed waste and energy demand, having a minimal impact on the environment.”

HyflowTM – for various sizes and future feeding

Since the system was taken into production, Graintec has also gained a lot of learnings. Sales Manager Jørn Andersen explains; “The HyflowTM feeding system has shown high reliability and easy to operate, and it is a simple system which do not require a lot of maintenance, which means that with few components and easy replacement you always have a well-performing solution.”

Testing of the HyFlowTM feeding system, shows that it does not cause any pellet breakage and its able to handle pellets of various sizes, up to 15 mm, including floating fish feed pellets, which is an upcoming trend for better control of the feeding.

It is also a huge gain in having a system which a limited power consumption – as low a 1 kW per ton.

Jørn Andersen continues: “Underwater feeding is managed by use of hose wheels ensuring a good feed distribution and feeding in dept of the farm under the sea lice layer reduces and can even eliminate the need for sea lice treatment of the salmons with contributes to improve the fish health and needs for antibiotics. It also has the advantage that seagulls and other birds cannot reach the food and thereby transmit diseases to the fishes”.

A sustainable and documented solution

The HyflowTM feeding has lowest carbon footprint on the environment:

  • Testing has demonstrated that HyFlowTM has the lowest loss of pellets of any feed system when conveying over long distances and which minimize the oil leakage from the pellets fragments.
  • HyFlowTM can handle not pellets up to 18 mm as well as floating fish feed
  • The feed piping will last much longer because of low conveying speed and micro-plastic from wear of piping will not end up in the sea.
  • Conveying by loss speed means less electrical power to bring the feed from the silo/big bags to the farm or cage.  For some projects, up to 10-12 times less power can be expected, and it will contribute to huge annual savings. If power made on the farm/feed barge, the generator can also be dimensioned significant smaller.

Finally, underwater feeding will not be affected by wind and will keep birds away and by a good feed distribution in the farm/cage, the conditions are optimal for the fish to thrive.

For further information contact Jørn Andersen.

See an animated version of the HyFlowTM system by clicking here (internal link). 

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