Waterborne feeding with HyFlow gives several advantages

Feeding the future

Feed expenses may represent as much as 70% of the total variable production costs in a typical land-based fish farm, why reducing feed loss is critical to optimize profit
margins. Optimizing feed distribution in the fish tank and being able to use large-diameter feed pellets without increasing the risk of pellet breakage will improve profit margins, fish health, and sustainability.

HyFlowTM is a high-capacity feeding system that can adjust the feeding regime to match changing feeding needs. It is outstandingly versatile and can be installed
with both surface feeding and underwater feeding, allowing for optimized feed distribution in the full tank volume. Flexible feed distribution pipes provide easy clearance of feeding pipes from the fish tank surface which means ideal fish handling access.

HyFlowTM is fully automatic, reliable, and easy to operate with few moving parts which mean that the uptime is maximized and maintenance costs are minimized. The
HyFlowTM feeding solution is based on a modular and skid-mounted concept, making it adaptable to any building layout. 

Gentle feeding and outstanding versatility

The central feeding unit with gravimetric dosing can handle up to four different pellet sizes with diameters from 2 to 18 mm and handles both sinking and floating feed.
Gravimetric dosage translates into accuracy – even with varying feed densities – which removes the need for any kind of manual adjustment when changing from one pellet
size to the other.

HyflowTM uses the recirculated water flow in your land-based fish farm (patent pending), so there is no need for an additional water supply. The water is led into the central feeding unit using a pump or side stream from the already pressurized recirculation loop. The unique vortex intake funnel and injector setup allow for use of both sinking and floating pellets.

Once waterborne, feed pellets and water travel with the same velocity in a laminar water flow. This forms a “protective cushion” around each feed pellet which eliminates
hard collisions between pellets and pellets and the pipe wall. Using water to protect the pellets against unnecessary physical stress removes the risk of pellet breakage and
high fines creation.

Fully automatic feeding control

The complete HyFlowTM feeding solution means high flexibility, full traceability, and highly accurate logging of your feed consumption (the data is stored in a reliable SQL
database). The system is controlled by an industrial PLC which makes the operation fully automatic.
The plant operator monitors the feeding operation locally on an HMI or remotely on a SCADA solution. The HyFlowTM feeding software manages the entire farm’s feeding regime.

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See an animated version of the HyFlowTM system by clicking here (internal link). 

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