Pneumatic Convey

Pneumatic Convey

Transporting difficult materials

Some raw materials are difficult to transport by traditional pneumatic systems. Raw materials categorized problematic can be oily, sticky, hygroscopic or heat sensitive or have a high oxidation potential.

Pneumatic Convey

Design focus:

Possible solutions are:

  • Use dry air as transport media
  • Use dry and cold air as transport media
  • Adjust the product/air ratio
  • Ensure that no condensation takes place in the transport pipe by insulation/tracing
  • Use nitrogen as cooling agent
  • Nitrogen as transport media to avoid oxidation
  • Modify powder intake system if needed
  • Test products expected to be difficult in a pilot pneumatic system
  • Design the pneumatic system based on test results

It is important to collect process and product information,
in order to design the correct pneumatic system for difficult raw materials

> Room temperature and humidity variation in actual production area
> Transport distance bendings and pressure drop
> Raw material temperature variation
> Raw material particle size distribution
> If needed, trial results from pilot plant
> Product data sheet
> Physical analyses (Flow ability, density etc.)

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