Project Governance

Project governance model:

Offering a unique combination of projects, products and services, we assist you at every step on your journey – from feasibility study to plant design, construction, commissioning and operation, ensuring a productive and efficient plant solution.

Value Engineering is an important concept in this process as our combined focus is to deliver a cost-effective, fast track solution with a consultative, supportive and available approach through all phases.


Executing projects successfully is a major challenge. All systems in the plant must be aligned, interfaces agreed on, expected deliveries understood, and a holistic approach must be in place. It is our job to stay on top of all details and to always maintain control. To design a reliable solution and ensuring it is engineered to last. This takes experience as well as insight. 

Graintec has developed and implemented a comprehensive Best Practice Project Execution model. A model that consists of several steps related to external and internal processes and that is supported by a number of underlying systems and procedures. Our investments in IT, people and time have proven crucial to obtain seamless project execution with a balance of plant engineering in mind, creating peace of mind for our customer and their investors.



Every level in every step will be completed and validated by stage gates before we proceed to the next step, making sure we clarify all essentials and are aligned at all times.

As part of our focus on safety and reliability we perform Hazard and Operational studies, also known as HAZOP studies, in close collaboration with all stakeholders on the project. This ensures a safe and reliable operation of your plant.

Innovative and sustainable solutions for the seabased fish farming.

Our Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) are gentle by nature.

We have been in the aqua feed industry for decades, constantly working to push the boundaries.

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