Seabased fish farming technologies

Seabased fish farming

Innovative and sustainable solutions for seabased fish farming

Sea-based farms are growing in size and move further offshore, increasing demands for the equipment to be more efficient and perform better, but also to leave a smaller carbon footprint. To us, the task of supplying new, innovative equipment and solutions better than yesterday is a never-ending process, and Graintec has gained a reputation of being a well-established technology supplier.

We know how to handle all aspects of large projects, both in terms of design, engineering, project execution, installation and service. We have cultivated this since 1985.

We can supply the entire feed handling and feeding system on an offshore or nearshore farm, and the interior design of bulk handling systems for the feed boat is a discipline we master as well, including the loading system for feed supply boats or feed barges.

Our patented feeding system, HyFlow™, has multiple advantages as the feed is gently distributed with water, and feeding can be on both the surface and/or underwater at the farm.

From idea to conceptual design, project execution to service – we are on top of things all the way, so please feel free to challenge us with your project.

Fully integrated feeding system at the offshore farm – from intake to feeding on the surface or underwater.

Graintec HyFlow feeding system can be installed on feed barges or onshore for traditional near-shore cage feeding.

All the way through the feed supply chain from the feed factory to the farm, efficient delivery of the feed with minimum waste must be guaranteed.

All our service offerings are developed to provide seamless and optimised fish production.

We have developed and implemented a comprehensive Best Practice Project Execution model.

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    “When planning the ambitious offshore fish farm, Ocean Farm 1, we were looking for a feed system able to efficiently load large volumes of feed into the farm and to feed under water for good growth of the salmon. We shared our ideas and needs with Graintec, and they developed an innovative and gentle solution named HyFlowTM. Their technology met our requirements for a reliable feeding system with low feed waste and energy demand, having a minimal impact on the environment.”
    Torbjørn K. Hammernes
    Director Projects & Technology, Ocean Farming AS, Salmar Ocean AS