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One of the major challenges in the aqua feed industry is to cope with the logistics evolving around the production of aqua feed, especially salmon feed. Raw materials need to be delivered and moved within the facilities, and the final product needs to be transported away.
At the same time, production facilities have to meet high demands with regard to feed production regulations. Performance and cost control are essential for a successful business.

The increased number of raw materials and ingredients are rapidly changing, and the design of new production facilities has to take constant growth into consideration. New and stricter environmental standards are the game of tomorrow and must be incorporated already in the planning process.

Feed traceability is necessary in order to comply with international standards and defines the standard for the design of machinery as well as the factory layout.

We possess the expertise and knowledge to be your business partner eliminating the challenges described.


Efficient delivery of the feed with minimum waste must be guaranteed.

We constantly develop new solutions and improvements and are always ready to upgrade and service your plant.

The ability to handle large project execution is crucial. We will keep you updated and involved all the way through – ensuring peace of mind.

Our different service offerings are designed to ensure optimum plant performance and availability

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