Feeding System HyFlow™

Landbased fish farming

Our water based feeding system HyFlow™ gives efficient and gentle feed handling

The trend is clear – land-based fish farms will continue to become bigger. Production volumes increase, fish tank size increases and so does the demand for gentle, accurate and even distribution of high volumes of costly fish feed pellets.

Feed expenses may represent as much as 70% of the total variable production costs in a typical land-based fish farm, why reducing feed loss is critical to optimize profit margins. Optimizing feed distribution in the fish tank and being able to use large diameter feed pellets without increasing the risk of pellet breakage will improve profit margins, fish health and sustainability.

HyFlow™ is a high-capacity feeding system where the feeding regime can be adjusted to match changing feeding needs. It is outstandingly versatile and can be installed with both surface feeding and underwater feeding which allows for optimized distribution of feed in the full tank volume. Flexible feed distribution pipes provide easy clearance of feeding pipes from the fish tank surface which means ideal fish handling access.

HyFlow™ is fully automatic, reliable and easy to operate with few moving parts which means that the uptime is maximized and maintenance costs are minimized. The HyFlow™ feeding solution is based on a modular and skid-mounted concept which makes it adaptable to any building layout.

The HyFlow™ feeding system offers multiple advantage compared to other feeding solutions:

• Underwater and/or surface feeding
• Pellets from 2-18 mm
• Handles sinking or floating pellets
• Aggressive or passive feeding strategies
• No pellet breakage
• Highly accurate feed dosage with varying feed pellet sizes
• Simple low-maintenance system

Design focus:

The residence time which is proportional to the length of the transport pipe has been limited to not influence pellet loss.

> Minimal pellet breakage/optimum fin formation
> Accurate feeding (gravimetric)
> Surface and submerged feeding
> Multiple feeding points
> Low energy costs
> Hygienic
> Full Traceability

Our complete RAS plants are designed based on your requirement and and for highest fish welfare

All the way through the feed supply chain from the feed factory to the farm, efficient delivery of the feed with minimum waste must be guaranteed.

All our service and upgrade offerings are developed to provide seamless and optimised fish production.

We have developed and implemented a comprehensive Best Practice Project Execution model.

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