Efficient feed logistics

Design focus:

Decades of building aquafeed factories have given us extensive insight into handling high-quality fish feed all the way from the production of pellets to feeding the fish.

We know the challenges associated with gentle handling large amounts of aquafeed delivered in bulk or big bags for large, land-based fish farms.

Our logistics philisophy:
> High feed intake capacity to/from feed supply trucks or       boats 
> Gentle handling obtained by correct design of equipment
> Well-designed solutions to avoid cross contamination
> Low energy consumption
> Less pellet breakage
> Improved working environment
> Customised silo batteries
> Feed traceability


It all starts with your idea, and together as one team, we design the fish farm so that it meets the demands on your market

Fully integrated feeding system at the RAS farm ensures gentle feeding and highest welfare for the fishes

We constantly develop new solutions and improvements and are always ready to upgrade and service your plant.

The ability to handle large project execution is crucial. We will keep you updated and involved all the way through – ensuring peace of mind.

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